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PO Box 12, Wexford, PA 15090 The Place to Go for Tournaments in the Tri-State Area!

Teams and Athletic Organizations all over the area utilize the Tournament Postings for a good reason -- in 2023, 889 tournaments from 98 organizations were listed here!  Many teams consider this the best way to locate tournaments to enter -- likewise, organizations that post their tournaments here gain the best exposure.  Good luck with your tournaments -- may the best teams win, and remember -- have fun!

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889 tournaments from 94 organizations posted in 2023!

Note: McAA is a non-profit organization. 100% of the posting fees collected go to support recreational baseball and softball in the tri‑state area.

Also Note: The recommended way to use this site is with the Google Chrome browswer running on a Windows PC. It may or may not work with other configurations. If you experience difficulty, please try using Chrome on whatever device you are using, on a Windows PC if possible. If problems continue, let us know.

If you would like to have your tournaments posted, please do the following:

1) EMAIL the following information to

  1. REQUIRED: The name of your organization and which sports are applicable (baseball, fastpitch softball, slowpitch softball).  If your organization has separate names for baseball vs slowpitch softball vs fastpitch softball, make sure you include all of the sub-organization names.  Full names -- not just initials.

  2. REQUIRED: Your zip code.

  3. REQUIRED: The email address where your password will be sent. Once payment is received, a password will be sent to this email address that will allow you to enter your own tournament information on our site.

  4. Do not send your tournament information, or any other information about your organization. You will enter that yourself using on-line forms. You will need a password to access those forms, which will be sent to you once the payment and email have been received.

2) Send a check for $70, payable to McCandless Athletic Association, to McCandless Athletic Association, PO Box 12, Wexford, PA 15090. Make sure that the name of the organization (not just initials) is clearly marked on the check, and that it matches the name of the organization specified in the email.   If we cannot easily determine the organization that the payment applies to, it will slow down your posting.   This one $70 fee covers all of your tournaments for the a single season -- all baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch tournaments for a single organization.  

Allow 1-2 weeks from the time you send your check and email until you receive your password (although we are usually pretty quick in sending your password, once we receive both the check AND the email).

HINTS to make your posting go smoothly:

  1. Make sure that you EMAIL the required information. It is not sufficient to only provide a note with your check.

  2. You will not be sent a password until we receive BOTH the email with your information and your check. If we only receive one of these, we will not send you a reminder to send the other, we will simply wait until we receive them both before sending your password.

  3. There is no need to include anything with your check, other than the name (NOT initials) of your organization. We use your organization information from the (required) email, not written notes, etc. You must use the correct, official name of your organization, as it appears on the check, and if it has changed names from last year, it is helpful to note that as well. If we have to take the time to figure out who you are, because you give us a somewhat different name from one year to the next, it will delay us in sending you your password.

  4. We will only send the password to the email address provided in your original email to us. It is up to you to manage the use of your password. If you lose your password, we will only resend it to the original email address.

  5. There is never a need to send us information about specific tournaments. You are responsible for entering and maintaining the information for your own tournaments.

  6. If we have questions, we will email you. It is very unlikely that we will call you. So - - check your email! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions -- make sure that you include your organization's name.

  7. Unless a couple weeks has passed since you sent both your check and email, sending us reminders, asking for status, etc, will not speed the process along.

  8. Make sure that you click the Add Tournament button ONLY ONCE per tournament. Clicking the button more than once will result in duplicate tournaments being added.  If you inadvertently add a tournament twice, you can delete the extra tournament by editing it and clicking the Delete button.

-- McAA Webmaster

We want your FEEDBACK!  Please give us your thoughts on our tournament site, including suggestions on how we might improve it.  Send an email to

The Fine Print: The McCandless Athletic Association is not responsible for the correctness of the tournament information. There are no refunds, even if a tournament is cancelled. The fee entitles you to an unlimited number of tournament postings for one season for exactly one organization, which may include one fastpitch softball, one slowpitch softball and one baseball sub-organization. The format of the posted information is determined by McAA, and it may include html, PDF or Word documents. Information is posted in the order is is received.  McAA is a non-profit organization and the posting fee is used to help cover costs. McAA reserves the right to refuse any tournament posting, and will remove listings from organizations that it feels are posting inappropriate information.

Note for athletic associations outside of the Western Pennsylvania tri-state area: If you are interested in having a tournament posting service in your area, please email us at